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With over 14 years of experience handling criminal cases you can be confident that The Law Offices of Ryan M. Streich will professionally assist you in your defense. Since 2006 Attorney Ryan M. Streich has provided passionate and diligent representation for those facing criminal charges.

Ryan continues to serve as defense attorney to clients in the Wichita Falls, TX and surrounding areas. His practice focuses on every area of criminal law. He takes cases ranging from traffic tickets to murder charges.

Ryan understands that being charged with a crime is one of the most challenging and stressful experiences in a person's life. He is there to counsel and advocate for his clients from the very first phone call through the completion of the case.

Trust You Can Depend On

At the Law Offices of Ryan M. Streich, P.C., we understand how seriously criminal charges can affect a person's life, including the potential loss of reputation, career, and freedom. Ryan M. Streich is committed to making your situation manageable and obtaining the best outcome possible.

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges it is important to find a lawyer you can trust and has the knowledge and experience to confidently handle the case. At The Law Offices of Ryan M. Streich those qualities have been and will continue to be at the center of our success.

Choosing the Right Attorney Can be the Difference Between Freedom and Jail Time

If you need an attorney in the Wichita Falls, TX area for your criminal case, look no further than attorney Ryan M. Streich. Criminal charges can be very upsetting and confusing even for the strongest of people. Ryan has over 14 years of experience in criminal law and can help you with your case. He will focus on getting you the best outcome possible.
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Areas of Legal Counsel

Areas of Legal Counsel

Drug possession or distribution
Assault and Sexual Assault
Domestic violence

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